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If it's an important part of your belongs in CBData®!

Making Any Kind of Loss a Little Less Painful...

As Carol states on FOX News, NOW is the time to start! When any type of crisis hits, you need a Life Inventory™, a catalog of everything important in your life, so you have all of your important information at hand to make informed decisions and so you won’t need to spend years scrambling, like Carol did. Get the CBData® Life Inventory™ Checklist to know what needs to be pulled together to help you recover from any kind of loss!

Listen to Carol Kaufman's interview with Good Morning Chicago about why she started CareBinders 12 years ago...

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Our Services

From easy-to-use software to Concierge-style offerings, we're here to help you get control of your important information

Personal:  CBData®

  • Personal

  • Medical

  • Financial

  • Pets

  • Photos

  • Critical Documents

  • Insurance

  • Last Wishes

Small Business: CBData® Pro

  • Business Details

  • Human Resources

  • Operations

  • Legal

  • Technology & Security

  • Financial

  • CRM

  • Compliance

CBData® Services

  • We step in to help get you jumpstarted, personally or professionally, so you maximize your productivity and minimize the time you have to spend.

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