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CBData® Solutions

CBData offers three types of solutions:

  • CBData® - The Personal Version - aimed at creating your Life Inventory

  • CBData Pro® - the Small Business Version - for professionals that know how important it is to simplify and consolidate their business retention requirements and have everything at their fingertips for efficiency and to demonstrate professionalism and compliance to clients, customers and regulators

  • CBData® Jumpstart Services - For those that want some help getting started, we offer a service to do just that!  We'll  help collect, organize and input your data so that the heavy lifting is done for you.

Both versions of CBData® include a Mobile Device App sync, so data can be taken along with you, safely and securely.

Whichever your choice, if it's important to you, your family, your client or your business, it belongs in your copy of CBData® or CBData® Pro.

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