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Our Story

On April 24, 1994 a phone call derailed the life of entrepreneur Carol Kaufman. “Ms. Kaufman, your parents have been involved in a tragic accident,” said the NJ police officer. “Your mother’s been killed. Your father’s in a coma & is being airlifted to Hartford Hospital.”

Carol, a single mom and businesswoman, became the primary care coordinator for her dad for the next 14 years, inheriting a morass of legal documents, aides, medications, policies, bank accounts & a host of other critical docs & information.

Despite degrees from the University of Michigan, helping businesses organize & streamline, & building a multimillion dollar software company, ultimately acquired by SunGard, Carol had entered the swamp of her parents’ information overload. She mused that there had to be something out there that could help her get organized so she jumped onto the Internet. Yet, no such product existed.

This experience led to the creation of CBData® in the winter of 2008.  The product was first released in 2009.  Every year we upgrade at least three times and, in June of 2012 released CBData® Pro, the small business version.

As time went on, we realized that people were buying the product, but not registering it!  They had the best of intentions, but the harsh reality was that it can be just too daunting a task, to get all of that information together.  So we created the CBData®Aggregator, JumpStart and Personal Concierge Service platforms, to work side by side with clients, helping them identify what they needed to pull together and then helping them do it...all in bite sized sessions.  We now have over 40 people throughout the country that know how to help people create their Life Inventories™ and the list continues to grow!

CBData® consolidates your Life Inventory™ all the personal, medical, financial & other information for each family member and a home inventory for each place where your assets reside – securely & offline - not on the internet. There's a mobile app for iPhones®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Androids® and even a small business version, for the 30 million people working out of their homes, that includes tabs for keeping track of HR, IT, CRM & billing.

The power behind CBData® and our CBData® Services is simplicity.  As a trained "accountability partner", our strategic partners know how to easily and painlessly help you pull together your important information - personal and business.  We then utilize our powerful CBData® database, to enter common information once, like an address or a pharmacy.  Any Profile - Member or Business - that also utilizes that information can link to it with a checkbox. Then, CBData® creates dozens of intelligent, meaningful reports for each family member and business so they can find what they need for any situation, right at their fingertips.

Get the details of your life & the lives of the ones you love back on track. Simplify with CBData®!


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