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CBData® Pro for Small Business

More than 30 million people work at home, over 18 million of whom are Entrepreneurs or Solopreneurs - people that own their business!

Just as people need a way to consolidate all of their personal information, we have continually been told that more and more people own their own businesses and work out of their homes.  Small business owners ask:

  • Why should someone have to rei-nput  the same critical information about their business that's the same for their personal lives, such as their address, the professional firms, the contacts, the service providers, etc.?

  • Why should they have to buy or even use five different programs, just to safely house their business documents, like their business plan, their incorporation documents, their business continuity and disaster recovery plan, their employees or consultants – the contracts, the reviews, the compensation, keep track of their CRM (customer relationship management) - prospects,  clients, their IT inventory and, of course, all of the zillions of passwords used for their business? 

In response to this growing need, CBData® Pro was born!  It allows you to reuse information that you’ve input in the personal side of the product, pulling it over to the small business side.  CBData® Pro even has a billing program, so you can create invoices and statements for your clients and customers.  And, like CBData®, there is no limit to the number of business profiles you set up, or users that you can permission to see whatever tabs you want them to see.  There are Reminders, Trackers and Event Logs and so much more!  And CBData® Pro accepts imports from Outlook®, Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Excel®, just like CBData®.  In fact, CBData® Pro and CBData® are housed within the same database and their look and feel is identical, so if you know one side, you'll easily know the other!  


With the click of a mouse, you can access all of your critical business data, create dozens of pre-formatted, intelligent and meaningful reports for your business and your family, having everything you need for any situation, right at your fingertips, such as:


  •   Service Provider Registry

  •   Password & Secured Info List

  •   Data Locator – with or without Valuations

  •   Asset & Inventory Reports

  •   Tax Reporting Worksheet

  •   CRM (client relationship management)

  •   Timesheets and Billing Program

  •   Critical Documents List

  •   IT Inventory

  •   And many more!

  •   Reports can be quickly downloaded to a flash drive as PDFs, via our    Grab’n Go feature. You can also email reports to your iPhone or Blackberry  or export any data as PDF, Word®, RTF or even Excel® files.


CBData® Pro allows for an unlimited number of businesses and family member profiles and users, per licensed computer. CBData® Pro supports strong user-control and user-permissioning by module, by User and allows for trusted advisors to access certain sections on a read-only basis, if desired.  With our unique “fingerprinting”, backup to a flash drive, CD, server, or even the Internet can be securely done with one touch. CBData® Pro is compatible with Microsoft Outlook®, Microsoft Excel®, Intuit Quicken® and QuickBooks® as well as other tools, allowing the user to easily import data from existing organizational programs into CBData® Pro.  And our AES encrypted, read-only Mobile Device App, for people on-the-go, allows whatever data you’ve input in CBData® Pro to be sync’d to the iPhone®, iPad®and iPod Touch®, for portability. 

Isn’t it time to Simplify Your Business Life and show your clients how professional and organized you are?  

If it's important to your business, it belongs in CBData® Pro!

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