CBData®  - The Personal Version

Your Personal Recordkeeping Software


CBData® is the fast, simple and efficient way to collect and organize all your important personal, medical and financial information  into one secure location.  Instead of sorting through pieces of papers, postit notes or racing to your safe deposit box, rely on CBData®.  


Scan and import important documents (birth certificate, tax statements, etc.) and easily transfer data from other programs.  Totally secure, thre's no connection to the Internet; your data is protected by the highest levels of security.


CBData® is the only software program secifically designed to keep track of all your data; personnal medical, financial and more! (fun stuff, too!)



With the click of a mouse, you can access all your critical information, create dozens of pre-formatted, intelligent and meaningful reports for you and your family, having everything you need for any situation, right at your fingertips, such as:


  • Service Provider Registry
  • Password & Secured Info List
  • Data Locator that lists everything important and where it is - with or without Valuations
  • Assset & Inventory Reports
  • Tax Reporting Worksheet
  • Medical Intake Form with your complete medical history
  • Medications List by time of day taken
  • Critical Documents List
  • IT Inventory
  • And many more!


Reports can be quickly downloaded to a flash drive as PDFs via our Grab'n Go feature.  You can also email reports to your iPhone or Android or export any data as PDF, Word®, RTF or even Excel® files.


CBData® allows for an unlimited number of family member profiles and users, per licensed computer.  CBData® supports strong user-control and user-permissioning by module, by User and allows for trusted advisors to access certain sections on a read-only basis, if desired.  Witih our unique "fingerprinting", backup to a flash drive, server or even the Inter can be securely done with one touch.  CBData® is compatible with Microsoft Outlook®, Excel®, Intuit Quicken® and QuickBooks®as well as other tools, allowing the user to easily import data from existing organizational programs into CBData®.  And our AES encrypted, read-only Mobile Device App, for people on-the-go, allows whatever data you've input into CBData® to be sync'd with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, for portability.

CBData® - The Personal Version

    • Windows operating system, including Win 7 and 10
    • Apple compaible using Parallels, VMware and genuine Windows license
    • Pentium processor with at least 2gig of RAM (memory)
    • Program uses 85MB disk space and allows for 2 gig storage in database.  Also allows unlimited links to existing photo, music and video files.