CBData® Pro - The Small Business Version

CBData® Pro - The Small Business License

CBData® Pro is the first and only downloadable computer software program that  simplifies every aspect of a small business owner's life, consolidating all of the small business AND personal, medical and financial informaiton about the owner and his/her family into one completely secure place, on their Personal Computer, not on the Internet.  CBData® Pro , combined with CBData® has twelve easy-to-use sections, a series of "Trackers", Reports and Tools - all to create a simple way to organize, manage store and report important information.  Event Logs allow you to keep track of conversations; pictures, scans and documents can be attached to records and Reimnders can be created and automatically sent to Outlook® from any screen.



With the click of a mouse, you can access all your critical business data, create dozens of pre-formatted, intelligent and meaningful reports for your business and your family, having everything you need for any situation, right at your fingertips, such as:


  • Service Provider Registry
  • Password & Secured Info List
  • Data Locator  that lists everything important and where it is - with or without Valuations
  • Assset & Inventory Reports
  • Tax Reporting Worksheet
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Managment)
  • Timesheets and Billing Program
  • Critical Documents List
  • IT Inventory
  • And many more!


Reports can be quickly downloaded to a flash drive as PDFs via our Grab'n Go feature.  You can also email reports to your iPhone or Androis or export any data as PDF, Word®, RTF or even Excel® files.


CBData® Pro allows for an unlimited number of businesses and family member profiles and users, per license computer.  CBData® Pro supports strong user-control and user-permissioning by module, by User and allows for trusted advisors to access certain sections on a read-only basis, if desired.  Witih our unique "fingerprinting", backup to a flash drive, server or even the Inter can be securely done with one touch.  CBData® Pro is compatible with Microsoft Outlook®, Excel®, Intuit Quicke®n and QuickBooks®as well as other tools, allowing the user to easily import data from existing organizational programs into CBData® Pro.  And our AES encrypted, read-only Mobile Device App, for people on-the-go, allows whatever data you've input into CBData® to be sync'd with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, for portability.

CBData® Pro - The Small Business Version

    • Windows operating system, including Win 7 and 10
    • Apple compaible using Parallels, VMware and genuine Windows license
    • Pentium processor with at least 2gig of RAM (memory)
    • Program uses 85MB disk space and allows for 2 gig storage in database.  Also allows unlimited links to existing photo, music and video files.